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Hiking-Little Bird Cabin Rentals Hot Springs NC

Hiking in Hot Springs NC

Hiking Around Hot Springs, NC

There are countless gorgeous places to hike in and around Hot Springs. Hiking options offer something for everyone, from beginners to seasoned explorers. Here are a few great Appalachian and Smoky Mountain hikes.


The Appalachian Trail - From Georgia to Maine! - One minute walk from Little Bird Cabins

Our favorite spring wildflower, "Trillium."

Our favorite spring wildflower, "Trillium."

Of course we HAVE to feature the Appalachian Trail-- Not only is it renowned from coast to coast, but it is literally steps from the cabin door! Head left from the cabins and you will see the Hot Springs trail head immediately on your right. Head North or South. If you are visiting in early Spring (March and April), head South to Bluff Mountain to check out the most beautiful wildflower display!



Max Patch - 0.2 miles or as far as you wish! - 45 minute drive from Little Bird Cabins

Max Patch                                                                 Photo by Steven McBride

Max Patch                                                                Photo by Steven McBride

We LOVE this hike! From the parking lot, it's a 15 minute (ish) hike up, but we are sure you'll forget about the sweat it took to hike up once you get there, because you'll be rewarded with expansive views in all directions. It is like being on top of the world! Max Patch is especially great at sunrise or sunset.

If you are up for a longer day of hiking, Max Patch is actually on the Appalachian Trail, so you can hike for days, weeks, or months...! All the way to Maine, if you please. If you plan on returning to Little Bird Cabins in the evening, reign your adventuresome self in and meander for only a few hours through high fields, ridge-line forests, and alongside mountain streams.


Laurel River Trail - 3.6 miles one way- 7 minute drive from Little Bird Cabins

Laurel River Trail

Laurel River Trail

A beautiful hike that follows the Laurel River all the way down to where it meets the French Broad. The further you go, the better it gets! This is a very accessible hike for those who don't do much hiking but want to see Appalachia.



Lover's Leap Trail - 1.6 miles - 5 minute drive from Little Bird Cabins

Lover's Leap Loop Trail

Lover's Leap Loop Trail

This hike follows the French Broad River until it veers up somewhat steeply to high, rocky outcrops with wonderful views of the river and the town of Hot Springs. Beautiful at sunset!