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Offering vacation rental cabins in Hot Springs, NC.

FAQ-Little Bird Cabin Rentals Hot Springs NC

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about our Hot Springs NC Cabins

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Our non-discrimination commitment

All guests who treat our cabins with respect are welcome.

We do not discriminate against anyone for any reason. Enough said!

+ Can I bring my pets?

We welcome all house-friendly dogs and de-clawed cats at our cabins! Both Chickadee and Goldfinch have a mudroom that is a convenient and safe place to leave your pet while you are out. We do ask that you please do not allow your pets on the cabin beds or furniture. The hair can be quite difficult to remove from the linens! Our $25 pet fee covers up to two pets for the duration of your stay. If you would like to bring more than two pets, just email us before reserving your cabin and we will do our best to accommodate your request. Can I leave my dog in your fence area outdoors?

Feel free to have your pooch accompany you outdoors, but please do not leave them there unattended. Dogs must be leashed outside of the cabin. Can I stay for just one night?

We do book one night stays for Sunday-Thursday stays. We have a two night minimum for any stays including a Friday or Saturday night. We will accept one night stays on weekends if the date of your requested stay four days or less away and the night is not booked yet OR if the night is "stranded" with bookings on either side. All one night stays are charged an additional $5.

+ Do you have air conditioning?

Yes, Chickadee and Goldfinch both have air conditioning.

+ What is your smoking policy?

We have a strict No Smoking policy in the cabins. Please smoke outside, make sure that your cigarette butt has been well-smothered to prevent a fire, and dispose of in the outdoor trash receptacle located in the parking lot for your cabin. Thank you!

+ Are the cabins in downtown or secluded?

The cabins are located on a small side-street just outside of downtown Hot Springs. They are surrounded on three sides by our beautiful Appalachian forest. All of the cabin bedrooms face the forested area. The front of the cabins, which includes the main seating areas, faces the Laughing Heart Lodge and Hostel, a beautiful group of historical buildings which used to serve as a Jesuit retreat center.

+ What is your cancellation policy?

60 days or more before your arrival date you will receive a full refund less a $25.00 cancellation fee.

Within 30-60 days of your arrival date, you will receive a 50% refund less a $25.00 cancellation fee. **

30 days or less from your arrival date, you are responsible for the entire cost of your reservation. **

**For all cancellations: If we are able to rebook all or a portion of your reservation, you will receive a refund for the day/days we rebook, at the rebooking price, less a $25.00 fee.

Storms and Inclement Weather: If there is a storm or inclement weather, no refunds will be given unless the state or local authorities order mandatory evacuations.

If the authorities order a mandatory evacuation, we will refund:

  1. Any unused portion of rent from a guest currently registered;
  2. Any unused portion of rent from a guest that is scheduled to arrive, and wants to shorten the stay, to come in after the Warning is lifted; and
  3. Any advance rents collected or deposited for a reservation that is scheduled to arrive during the Warning period.

In the event of power loss or other event outside of the direct control of Little Bird Cabin Rentals, all refunds will be subject to the discretion of the owners. We try to be fair and reasonable to all parties!

+ How close are the cabins to town and to the Hot Springs Resort and Spa hot tubs?

The cabins are located 0.1 miles from the near side of Hot Springs (the south side) and 0.5 miles from the far side (the north side, including Hot Springs Spa and Resort) by road. If you are walking in to town, add 0.1 miles to that distance. We recommend taking the Appalachian Trail instead of the road if you are walking because there are crosswalks and sidewalks. And because you can tell your friends you’ve hike on the AT, of course!

+ How close are the cabins to the Appalachian Trail?

The trailhead is visible from your front door! If you are standing in the parking area of your cabin, face the road and look left. See the signs? That is the Appalachian Trail!

+ How close are the cabins to Asheville?

The cabins are a 45-50 minute drive from most Asheville attractions including the Biltmore Estates.

+ My friend is getting married. How close are the cabins to the Mountain Magnolia and the Lodge at Bear River venues?

The cabins are 0.3 miles from the Mountain Magnolia and 6.8 miles (12 minutes) from the Lodge at Bear River. .

+ How close are the cabins to (whatever location you are wondering about)?

Because we are almost directly in the town of Hot Springs, NC, you can look up the directions from Hot Springs to (your location in question) on Google and the estimation will be very accurate!

+ Are linens provided?

Yes of course! Your sheets, bath towels, and wash cloths are all provided.

+ Do you have a TV?

Each master bedroom has a 40" HDTV for your enjoyment. Chickadee has a TV in the common area. Goldfinch has an additional TV in the second bedroom. Each cabin is outfitted with an extensive selection of DVDs to choose from. The TVs do not have any “channels” available and are not connected to cable or satellite. You may connect your computer to view downloaded media.

+ Do your cabins have hot tubs?

No, our cabins do not have hot tubs. We recommend booking a mineral tub soak with Hot Springs Spa and Resort, just 0.5 miles from the cabins!

+ Does noise from one cabin transfer easily to the other cabin?

We have made every effort to appropriately soundproof the adjoining wall of Chickadee and Goldfinch, and we have not had a guest complain so far! Very loud voices do still travel through the walls, so please consider a full house rental if you and your group may get a bit rowdy.

+ Can I pay with cash or check upon arrival?

To eliminate the possibility of miscommunications and liabilities on our end, we only accept credit and debit cards and all bookings are made online.

+ Do you charge a cleaning fee?

Each reservation is subject to a cleaning fee of $10

+ Will my cell phone work at your cabins?

Maybe! All US Cellular and Verizon phones will get good reception. AT&T phones must be able to “roam” to get good reception, though we hear that a tower is being built in Hot Springs in 2016! All other phone providers, to the extent of our knowledge, may not work in Hot Springs or at the cabins.

+ Do your cabins have WiFi?

Yes! WiFi is free to all guests

+ Can I drive to the cabins in winter weather?

All vehicles (2WD, 4WD, AWD, motorcycles…) can easily reach the cabins in all but the most extreme winter weather. The surrounding roads are all very well maintained and the road in front of the cabin is “mountain flat”, which means as flat as you are bound to find out here!

+ Are your cabins safe?

Hot Springs is a very safe town with very low crime and theft statistics. If you are still concerned, rest easy! The cabins are outfitted with exterior door locks and modern windows with secure locks.

+ What are your check-in and check-out times?

Check-in time is 4pm on the date of your arrival and check-out time is 11am on the date of your departure. It is entirely possible that we will be there cleaning if you arrive early or leave late, so please plan on being prompt with your schedule.

If you would like to request an early check-in or late check-out, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your request. Some days are easier to accommodate check-in/check-out variances than others! We may or may not charge an additional fee, depending on which day of the week you are inquiring about and how much extra time you are needing. If you absolutely must have an early check-in or late check-out time because your great aunt is getting married at 4pm and you have 4 suitcases and a wedding cake to drop off first, please contact us before you make your reservation!

+ So you're the owners? What's your story?

Yes, we (Natalie, Andrew, and our daughter Chloe) own and operate Little Bird Cabins! We started the business when Natalie was 5 months pregnant. It was our grand plan so that Natalie could make an income on a flexible schedule that allowed her to stay with Chloe as much as possible, and we are pleased to say that it has been working! Chloe was born in September of 2016 and has been a (generally) happy helper during cabin cleanings and maintenance rounds since she was two weeks old.

Our family lives about 15 minutes out of Hot Springs. When Andrew is not busy working laying stone and doing carpentry projects in various locations around Hot Springs, he busies himself raising hogs, curing some of the best salami and prosciutto in the country (well Natalie thinks so, anyhow!), chopping wood, fixing broken things, baking sourdough bread, and toting Chloe around and up and down the mountain. Natalie enjoys working in her herb and vegetable garden, harvesting edible and medicinal plants from field and forest, teaching Chloe to wash dishes, weaving baskets, baking pies, and breaking and misplacing a variety of things for Andrew to fix and find. Chloe stays awfully busy as well. She has a passion for seeking out new places to drool, looking undeniably cute, reaching out to touch all of the items her parents tell her not to touch, and consuming enough milk to keep her cheeks full, plump, and irresistibly pinch-able.

Hot Springs is our beloved little town, and we hope that you enjoy visiting as much as we love living here!